Health Benefits of Hing (Asafoetida)

Hing(asafoetida)spice drops


Hing or asafoetida is a century-old medicine, which is always present in our kitchen shelf.  In our generation, only very few knew about the benefits of amazing Hing.  When we suffered from loss of appetite or indigestion, our daadi maa asked us to take Hing because it relieves indigestion and it also gives relief to problems like flatulence or bloating; and it has got numerous other benefits also. 

Cure your Indigestion and Loss of Appetite:

Have you ever wondered that your indigestion problem is relieved after sipping hot rasam, because we add perungayam or hing in that, which relieves and cures all stomach-related ailments.  Our kids are used to eat fast foods like pizza, shawarma or junk food and they feel bloated after eating that.  Take a quarter teaspoon of asafoetida or Spice Liquid Hing drop; mix it in warm water and give it to children and this works as a great remedy for this problem.  Similarly, it also relieves problems like flatulence and loss of appetite for elderly people.

Get relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

Irritable bowel syndrome is a group of symptoms like abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, gas and diarrhoea or constipation.  The persons who are suffering from this disorder have very well known that it is a chronic condition and it can be managed with lifestyle and diet.  According to Ayurveda, one can manage the IBS or irritable bowel syndrome with hing.  Include Spice Hing Liquid everyday in your cooking when sambar or other dish progress to boil.  The aroma not only opens up your senses but also manages your IBS.

Manage your ulcer:

Ulcer are the sores in your food tract or your stomach or your intestine.  It causes severe abdominal pain.  The medicinal use of hing heals ulcers because it contains ferulic acid that enhances healing of ulcers.   Before every meal, take a sip of Spice Liquid hing drop fused in warm water that helps curing your ulcer. 

Instant remedy for colicky pain:

Infants and toddlers suffer from colic pain and they cry out loud because the pain starts and stops abruptly and it is due to the muscular contractions.  Therefore in such cases, take required amount of Hing powder and make a paste with warm water or take Spice Liquid Hing drop and apply on the stomach.  Hing relaxes the stomach muscles and relieves colic pain.


The other type of stomach problem most of our children have is worms in the stomach which causes abdominal pain.  In such cases, children appear lean and thin and have voracious appetite for food but no-food benefit them with the weight gain.  Such children do have worms in their stomach.  A good remedy for anthelmintic (worms) is daily dose of quarter teaspoon of Hing or 2 to 3 drops of Spice liquid heeng in warm water or butter milk for 10 days. 

Get rid of Bad cholesterol:

There is a striking problem in adulthood along with obesity is high cholesterol.  High cholesterol or high density lipoproteins increases when a person eats too much fat from the diet.  Persons suffering from high cholesterol levels should consume Spice Liquid Hing daily in their diet in any form for a period of 6 to 9 months.

Find a cure for your respiratory disorders and asthma:

When monsoon wind breaks and the temperature changes influenza fever accompanied with bronchitis, whooping cough or asthma.  These respiratory-related disorders comes in all age groups and it is wise to include a dash of Hing powder in sundal when you prepare an evening snack for your child and/or apply the Spice Liquid Hing drop on the chest or your children before sleep will greatly relieve children from the respiratory disorders.   

Don’t Panic about menstrual problem/anemia:

For young girls and women, menstrual days are always the dark days of the month because menses accompanies with abdominal pain and fatigue.  It is advisable to start taking Spice Liquid hing or

hing powder in warm water before your periods.  It not only prevents you from suffering of abdominal pain but also improves your haemoglobin count and it is a good remedy for curing anaemia.

Banging headaches or anxiety attacks:

Nowadays the addition of stress keeps increasing and it causes headaches and anxiety disorders.  The anxiety disorder is a kind of mental health problem because it imagines a particular situation with an expected particular end result and that causes anxiety disorder and the same person would also suffer from tension headaches.  Remedy is achieved with Spice Liquid hing on a diffuser and the inhalation of the air from the diffuser relaxes your brain and enhances a positive mood thus relieving anxiety or headache.

Good care on your oral health:

Our oral health is destroyed by microbes, plaques, mouth ulcers, and decayed tooth.  A best oral care is achieved by gargling hing drop added to warm water in the morning and evening and this daily habit brings a good oral hygiene to you and your family.  Spice Liquid Hing gargling reduces microbes count and prevents further tooth decay. 

Heal your earache instantly:

When we infected with flu fever our lymph nodes or tonsils enlarge thus in turn affect our ears that causes ear aches.  Ear aches are always excruciating and intolerable.  When you experience a pain in your ear, immediately take a pinch of Spice Liquid Hing drop and put in a small layer of cotton, roll it into a shape of capsule and keep it in the outer lobe of ear.  It quickly relieves ear pain due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic property of Hing.

For Rheumatoid arthritis: 

When temperature drops many people will suffer with problem of rheumatoid arthritis or joint pain.  They experience mild-to-moderate pain in all the joints.  Take Spice Liquid Hing and add it with warm plain oil or almond oil and apply the hing infused oil all over the joints.  This relieves joint pain and stiffness prevents you from taking steroids.

For Sciatica nerve pain:

Sciatica nerve pain is caused from compression of the sciatica nerve.  The nerve pain is mild to moderate in nature and it causes numbness and stiffness in the area.  This can be treated with a simple home remedy.  Use Spice Liquid Hing and rub it over the painful area and wash with lukewarm water.  It relieves pain because Hing has got anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic property.   

Manage Hysteria Brilliantly!!!

Hysteria is a mental disorder where women and children are victims for this disease.  Persons who suffers from this disorder laugh and cry alternatively and they also experience symptoms like a ball in the throat, feel colicky, breathing difficulty and sleeplessness.  All these symptoms are best relieved by daily intake of Hing in diet or Spice Liquid hing drop with warm water.

Are you hurt with insect bite:

Children are natural explorers and it is rare to see them without a hurt or a bite from insects or pet animals.  When children got bitten by insects, apply Spice Liquid Hing drop over the surface of the bite; as hing carries the properties of anti-inflammatory and analgesic; additionally it is an antidote for insect bite so it reduce the inflammation around the area and it prompts healing immediately. 

For Male Humans :

Another curse in this generation is impotency in men.  Impotency could be an erectile dysfunction or low viable sperm count or premature ejaculation.  So the happy news is that the sexual impotence is treated by asafoetida.  Actually asafoetida is a powerful sex stimulating food.  Take 0.06 grams of asafoetida or use one drop of Spice Liquid hing drop and heat with ghee, bring down the mixture to room temperature then mix honey and a teaspoon of fresh latex of Banyan tree.  Take this mixture once daily for 40 days before sunrise.

For Cancer:

Cancer has become a challenge to mankind because of its incurable nature.  Cancer can be treated and managed with asafoetida because it has organic compounds of oleo gum and ferulic acid that carries anti-tumour and anti-metastasis activities.  It reduces the tumour size and it prevents further spreading or prevent metastatic growth in other vital organs.   Use ritually by taking 2 to 3 drops of Spice Liquid Hing drop in your vegetable salads or your dishes everyday.


Asafoetida not to be taken in excess.  Infants and children below 11 years should not be given in oral powder form, because it causes severe vomiting leading to dehydration.

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