Spice Liquid are natural extracts that retain all the natural goodness and authentic taste of the Spices and herbs .

Garam Masala  is an aromatic blend of all  spices used in preparation of Indian foods. This Garam masala liquid is quite flavourful and just an addition of small quantity can enhance the taste of any dish .

Garam masala spice is a mixture of Various spices such as Green and Black Cardamoms , Cinnamon , Fennel seeds , Star anise , Mace , clove, Peppercorns , Nutmeg , Coriander seeds and Cumin seeds  .

Spice Liquid Garam Masala Drop is rich in smell & taste and works as an effective digestive aid.

In addition, we lay emphasis on packaging of the offered Liquid Garam Masala to retain its long lasting freshness and optimum quality.

      • Adds Flavour to all kinds of foods and is used as a savory enhancer.
      • Increases vitamin, mineral and protein absorption in the body; also helps in
      • Garam Masala Powder varies in flavour, but spice Liquid’s Garam Masala Drops remains same in flavour and quality.
      •  Unlike powder it eliminates the problems of bottling & storage. Ideal for use in Dals, vegetables, chat dishes and savory Dishes.
      • RATIO: 1 Drop= 1/4 Tsp of Ground Spices.

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