Kesari Saffron Powder 25mg (Pack of 25)


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ISO 3632 Certified Saffron Powder

Kesari is best for color, aroma and health. Saffron is ideally used in sweets & desserts, Biriyani & Rice, Milk & Ice Cream and many other food preparations.

Mixing saffron powder with milk is a nutritious drink which has numerous health benefits especially for pregnant woman such as,

  1. To ease mood swings
  2. Reduces Blood Pressure
  3. Prevents Anemia
  4. Relieves Sore gums
  5. Fight Against Morning Sickness.

It is easy to prepare Kesar milk. Just add a sachet of saffron powder and 1 tsp of sugar to a glass of warm milk.  It’s ready to serve!

Kesari Saffron powder is packed as per GMP Compliance.

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How to use saffron powder?

Remember! A little goes a long way. 1 sachet is enough for 4 cups of rice or any other recipe. It can be diluted quickly in any kind of warm cooking liquid or water and then add to the food.

Benefits of saffron powder:

Saffron powder offers many advantages over the saffron threads. It enhances the flavor of all your meals and beverages and gives them a characteristic golden yellow color, making every recipe more tasty, appetizing and healthy.

Saffron powder can release aroma, color instantly and evenly. Saffron is convenient to use as it can directly be added to dishes without toasting or pre-soaking.  Grounded saffron or powdered saffron dissolves easily into the foods, evenly flavoring the complete dish and the powder can be measured easily.

Where to buy saffron powder?

When shopping for saffron powder, make sure you purchase it from a reliable shop as powdered saffron may be cheaper than the threads but, in powdered saffron, there is a chance of mixing other spices like paprika, turmeric.  So it’s better to go for  ISO 3632 pure saffron powder.

Product highlights:

FSSAI License, ISO 3632 (saffron standard) Grade – 1, HACCP, BRC certified

  • Ideal for cooking dessert, traditional sweets and saffron rice.
  • Suitable for medicinal and beauty applications.

Package Contains:

Kesari Saffron Powder 25mg (Pack of 25)

25 Sachets

Each sachet – 25mg

Rate:  Rs.375

100% Natural

Grade – 1


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