SPICE LIQUID – Elaichi Drop (Cardamom) – 5 ML




Spice Liquid are concentrated natural extracts that retain all the natural goodness and authentic taste of the Spices and herbs.

Cardamom Liquid mixes completely in both Vegetable oil and water.

Spice Liquid Elaichi drop is rich in smell & taste.It has detoxifying property & Most of the curry recipes uses cardamom to add extra spicy.

For best results, use in final stages of Preparation or before serving

      • Aids Digestion and as a medicine to treat tooth related problems.
      • Cardamom powder takes time to flavour your food; but spice Liquid’s Elaichi drop blends with the food in no time.
      • Easy to preserve without losing the effervescence.
      • Ideal for use in tea, sweets, vegetables, Rice dishes.https://youtu.be/Zw3eDMs6QOE

RATIO : 1  Drop=  6 PODS of ground Cardamom

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