Saffron ice cream is a rich and delicious dessert, full of flavor, the perfect ending to your meal.

A rich and delicious ice-cream made using saffron, corn flour, whipping cream, milk and sugar. You don’t need ice-cream machine to make this. It is soft, creamy and truly yummy.

1 Cup Milk
12-15 Kesari Saffron Strands
1 ½ Tsp Cornflour
⅓ Cup Sugar
1 Cup Whipping Cream
Mint Leaves, for garnish
Saffron Strands, for garnish

In a saucepan, heat milk over medium heat. Transfer about ¼ cup hot milk to a small bowl and add saffron. Add cornflour to the saffron mix, mix well and let it infuse for 5 minutes. Add back to the boiling milk.
Add sugar, mix well and cook for 7-8 minutes or until syrupy. Remove from heat and cool completely.
In a large bowl, add whipping cream and whip for 2-3 minutes until medium peaks. Add the cooled saffron milk to the whipped cream and whip again until mixed well.
Transfer the saffron ice cream to a bread pan or rectangular container and freeze overnight.
Once frozen, scoop the ice cream into serving bowls, garnish with mint leaves and saffron strands and serve chilled.

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