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What is the Natural Remedy for Eye Stress?

Kesari Saffron – When you strain your eyes too much by staying awake too long in the night, it can cause a burning sensation and pain as well.

Normally, burning eyes need not cause too much concern and some rest and a good sleep should solve the problem. However, there are a few natural, safe and effective home remedies for treating eye pain. Here are a few natural, safe and effective home remedy for treating eye stress.

Grind a pinch of pure saffron and mix a teaspoon of rosewater.Apply a couple of drops of this mixture on each eye.

Eye Irritation

Eye irritation is one of the common complaints. Remember that you should never rub your eyes vigorously when experiencing irritation. First try to check the cause for the irritation. If it is due to dust in the eye, a wash with clean, cool water should do the trick.

However, if it is a bacterial infection you may need to visit a doctor to find out the cause of the infection and seek treatment. Applying lubricating eye drops in the eyes helps get relief from burning eyes.

The food that we eat also has an effect on the eyes. People with eye irritation and generally poor eyesight need to consume more of fish oil and powdered flaxseed mixed with pure honey twice daily. Consuming these natural products helps cure dryness and irritation in the eyes.

Common eye infections

Blepharitis is a common eye infection where the base of the eyelids is affected. The eyes turn dry as the tear ducts do not secrete tears properly to flush out the dust.

An affected person can experience eye pain, eyes turning bloodshot and a general heaviness in the eyes.
A sort of allergy caused by dust particles coming in contact with the eyes is known as conjunctivitis and can be treated easily with pure rosewater.

Sometimes, over exposure to the sun causes mild eye sunburn where the eye becomes sensitive to light and the eyes tend to water continuously. Apart from giving complete rest to the eyes (wear a pair of dark glasses or an eye patch if necessary) cleaning the eyes with cool water should help get relief.

Best Home Remedy for Sore eyes caused by allergic dust

Sore eyes are often caused by allergic dust, dense smoke, pollen, vehicle exhaust, some types of perfume and even by dust present in some uncooked food grains and foodstuffs. The best home remedy for allergic dust causing sore eyes is as follows:
Grind a pinch of pure saffron and mix a teaspoon of rosewater. Apply a couple of drops of this mixture on each eye. Make sure that the saffron is 100% pure and the rosewater is free of any artificial additives.

Applying this mixture two to three times a day gives instant relief from burning eyes and helps cure the allergy caused by dust. Buy Saffron now @ https://www.kesarisaffron.com/product/kesari-1-gram/