Organic Saffron Powder

  • Kesari Saffron Powder (1gm)

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  • Kesari Saffron Powder (400 mg)

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    ISO 3632 Certified

    Saffron is one of the most aromatic, delicious, colorful and healthy ingredients used in cooking. Be it preparing traditional sweets, different kinds of biryanis, rice items or desserts, Saffron definitely adds special flavor to the dishes. The health and beauty benefits derived from Saffron powder are uncountable. Saffron powder is rich in carotenoids and it is endowed with curative and medicinal properties. Kesari saffron powder can be used as an antiseptic antidepressant, digestive medication, and immune modulator too.

    This Sealed Pack has 0.1g * 4 Sachets of Kesari Saffron Powder (Net Wt: 0.4g) for easy usage as and when required.
  • Kesari Saffron Powder 25mg (Pack of 25)

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    ISO 3632 Certified

    Kesari is best for color, aroma and health. Saffron is ideally used in sweets & desserts, Biriyani & Rice, Milk & Ice Cream and many other food preparations.

    Mixing saffron powder with milk is a nutritious drink which has numerous health benefits especially for pregnant woman such as,

    1. To ease mood swings
    2. Reduces Blood Pressure
    3. Prevents Anemia
    4. Relieves Sore gums
    5. Fight Against Morning Sickness.

    It is easy to prepare Kesar milk. Just add a sachet of saffron powder and 1 tsp of sugar to a glass of warm milk.  It’s ready to serve!

    Kesari Saffron powder is packed as per GMP Compliance.