Kesari Saffron Threads (5gm)


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  • ISO 3632 Grade – 1 Certified
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  • 100% Pure & Natural


More the quantity you buy the more you save: 

Buying more saffron is not overspending.  When surplus is there it drives you to get the utmost good usage of the product.  When you buy more Kesari saffron you could started to use more regularly on a daily basis for cooking purpose or cosmetic purpose or for a pooja ritual and you will certainly reap the good benefits from Kesari Saffron.

Where is this saffron sourced?

We are sourcing saffron from Iran where saffron is originally originated and we directly buy it from the devoted farmers.  We are saffron enthusiast and we always wants to deliver only the premium quality to our consumers.

Uses of saffron:

Historically saffron usage dated back 3000 years ago and the ancient people had used saffron for so many purposes like cooking, dyeing, in cosmetics, or for medicinal purpose or making a perfume.  Research says that daily use of saffron could prevent the diseases and illnesses and benefit the human body for a healthy life.  

Unlike other luxury things, Kesari Saffron threads going to repel negative energies from your home when you add the threads in holy water or when you make tilak from Kesari Saffron.  Kesari Saffron is good, healthy and a trusted branded product.

Package Contains:

Kesari Amazing Saffron 5 Gram

  • 100% Natural
  • ISO 3632 Grade – 1

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