Kesari Saffron Threads Bulk 100gm Chef Pack


Kesari’s ISO 3632 certified 100% Natural premium All-Red saffron available in 100g packaging for bulk buying.
Name: Kesari Saffron Threads 100 gms
Brand: Kesari
Net Weight: 100g



Buy saffron in bulk quantities at wholesale prices and save your money!

For the regular user of saffron:

Kesari Saffron threads contains classic, healthy and incomparable ingredients that required for a healthy life. The rich aromatic saffron threads can be used regularly to maintain health, beauty and it slows down ageing, because Kesari saffron is nature’s gift and it has abundant enhancing and healing properties.

When Saffron threads releases its aroma and flavour in hot water and that makes a good healthy tea and also an excellent relaxant after a long day work.

In addition to health benefits, Saffron has wide array of benefits in enhancing the charm and beauty of your face and skin.

The 100 gm package is clearly for the family.

Are you a family enjoying the company of your elderly parents, or are you the parents of teenage children, or are you a chef, who caters for customers, then Kesari 100 gm Chef Pack is your right choice.

Why Choose Kesari Saffron?

If you add a pinch of Kesari saffron from 100 gm Chef Pack in to your food, sweets, coffee or tea or a face pack it not only protects you from illness but also acts as a shield against numerous illnesses from cold to cancer.

Kesari Saffron is a trusted brand that brings your home not only a trusted product of saffron in its finest condition and quality, but also it gives you the confidence that you have chosen a great product, because it is GMP compliant.

We do not compromise on quality for anything other than customer satisfaction so we have taken the extra step to give our customers a real quality product for regular use. We also supply saffron in bulk packs suitable for hotels, restaurants, caterers,bakeries, coffee shops,sweet shops at wholesale prices.


Package Contains:

Kesari Saffron Threads 100 gms

  • 100% Natural
  • ISO 3632 Grade – 1

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