stomach ache

How to get instant relief from stomach ache

Stomach ache is probably one of the most common complaints and all of us must have suffered
from stomach aches at some time or the other. The good news is that there are several easy
and effective home remedies for stomach ache that can give instant relief. An aching stomach
not only prevents us from eating food, it also spoils a perfectly good mood and renders us
totally inactive and helpless.

Reasons for stomach pain

First, let us find out what causes stomach ache. One common cause is indigestion, where the
food you ate did not agree with you, causing indigestion and stomach pain. Another frequently
occurring reason for stomach ache is mild food poisoning, which can happen when you eat food
that is spoilt.

Food Allergies

Some people may be allergic to some types of food. Food allergies can cause reactions in the
stomach and cause severe pain. It is common to find people allergic to general and essential
foods like milk, peanuts, gluten (wheat derivatives) fish, eggs etc. It is important to find out
what causes the allergy and stop eating that particular food until the allergy is cured. Some
people may be allergic to certain foods for life and need to avoid such foods.
Severe gas problems can also cause stomach pain. Again, this may be due to some food that
does not agree with you that causes gas. Lentils can cause intestinal gas, as can beans, lactose,
cabbages, potatoes and certain other vegetables. It is better to avoid gas producing vegetables
and foods.

Home remedies for stomach pain

There are several effective home remedies for stomach ache. Ginger juice is a natural and very
effective home remedy, which is safe as well. Mixing a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a
glass of water and drinking can give relief from stomach pain. Drinking a bottle of soda helps
release the gas accumulated in the stomach and can give relief from stomach ache caused by
intestinal gas.

The best medicine for stomach pain

The best and safest home remedy for stomach ache is cinnamon, which is a natural spice. Take
about 65 gm of cinnamon powder and mix it with a pinch of pure saffron and some powdered
Jaggery. Knead the mixture thoroughly and make small balls, the size of tablets. Store these
tablets in an airtight container. Take one tablet in the morning and one at night for a few days
and you will get instant relief from stomach ache.

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