Kesari Saffron Threads 250mg (pack of 1)


Quality: FSSAI License,  ISO 3632 (saffron standard) Grade – 1, HACCP, BRC certified

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Is the saffron you buy online is ISO 3632 certified?


  ISO 3632 (The International Organization for Standardization)Grade-1Certification gives consumers the assurance and confidence that the saffron they purchase is Authentic and Safe to consume..ISO 3632 classifies saffron into grade 1, 2 and 3 based on,  1.  Moisture level (dried) 2.  Crocin (color) 3.  picrocrocin (bitterness) 4.  safranal (aroma).

Kesari is the first brand in India to supply ISO 3632 Grade 1 saffron to consumers.   It is a brand owned by Tatva, a sister concern of Scope Ingredients which is a 55-year-old company.

Tip to store saffron:

Refrigeration induces moisture in saffron, so it is best advised not to refrigerate.

Product highlights:

FSSAI License, ISO 3632 (saffron standard) Grade – 1, HACCP, BRC certified

 Ideal for cooking dessert, traditional sweets and saffron rice.

Suitable for medicinal purposes

Package Contains:

Kesari Saffron(Kesar) 250 MG (Pack of 2) threads.

100% Natural

Grade – 1


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