How can you lower you blood sugar without medication?

Sudden spurt in blood sugar levels is caused when glucose builds up in the bloodstream. When the body is not able to use up the glucose effectively, it results in diabetics, which can become a chronic condition. The irony is that the body needs glucose to carry out the other essential functions. Without glucose the muscles and the organs, more importantly the brain, cannot function properly.

Some simple home remedies for diabetes

The best remedy is prevention. Regular exercise helps keep your weight in control and makes you increasingly sensitive to insulin. Simultaneously, it is important to keep a check in the intake of carbohydrates, which helps keep blood sugar levels normal. Consuming foods and vegetables that have high fiber content also helps control diabetes. Diabetics also need to remain hydrated (drink a lot of water) at all times and practice yoga and meditation to keep the stress levels under control.

How to control blood sugar without medication

It is important to monitor your sugar levels constantly. Any change in the levels should be noted. Choosing a perfect diet helps keep blood sugar levels down without the help of medication. Try eating foods with a low Glycemic index. Include seafood, eggs, oats, red meat, barley, lentils, legumes and corn, which are all foods with low Glycemic index.

Natural medicine to lower blood sugar

One of the best natural medicines to lower blood sugar levels is pure, natural saffron. Consuming saffron regularly helps keep diabetes under control. Mix a pinch of pure saffron in a glass of pure cow’s milk and consume every day. You’ll be surprised with the benefits caused by regular consumption of saffron.

Saffron and saffron extracts help enhance the blood glucose uptake and also causes the muscle tissue to be highly insulin sensitive. These two factors go a long way in keeping your blood sugar levels normal at all times. Moreover, saffron is free of any chemical additives and does not cause any sort of side effects like allopathic drugs.

The western system of diet has resulted in conditions like metabolic syndrome, which is a direct development resulting out of high glucose levels in the blood. Metabolic syndrome is nothing but a deadly combination of uncommon weight (obesity) and unusually high blood sugar levels, compounded by an imbalanced lipid profile. The easiest and best natural medicine to control such conditions is saffron, which should be mixed in a glass of warm milk and consumed every day.

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