Kesari Saffron Threads 50mg ( pack of 10 )


Quality: FSSAI License,  ISO 3632 (saffron standard) Grade – 1, HACCP, BRC certified

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Every 0.5g pack has 10 single use pack of 50mg saffron. The 50 mg pack is very convenient and has the optimum quantity for a  single use. This in turn retains the rest of the saffron processed and fresh until your next use.

Is the saffron you buy is ISO 3632 certified?

WHAT IS ISO 3632:  ISO 3632 (The International Organization for Standardization)Grade-1Certification gives consumers the assurance and confidence that the saffron they purchase is Authentic and Safe to consume..ISO 3632 classifies saffron into grade 1, 2 and 3 based on,  1.  Moisture level (dried) 2.  Crocin (colour ) 3.  picrocrocin (bitterness) 4.  saffranal (aroma).

Kesari is the first brand in India to supply ISO 3632 Grade 1 saffron to consumers.   It is a brand owned by Tatva, a sister concern of Scope Ingredients which is a 55 year old company.

Tip to store saffron:

Refrigeration induces moisture in saffron, so it is best advised not to refrigerate.

Product highlights:

FSSAI License, ISO 3632 (saffron standard) Grade – 1, HACCP, BRC certified

 Ideal for cooking dessert, traditional sweets and saffron rice.

Suitable for medicinal purposes

Package Contains:

Kesari 50 MG (Pack of 10)

100% Natural

Grade – 1


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