Kesari Saffron Threads Bulk 25gm Chef Pack


Kesari’s ISO 3632 certified 100% Natural premium All-Red saffron available in 25g packaging for bulk buying.
Name: Kesari Saffron Threads 25 gms
Brand: Kesari
Net Weight: 25g



Buy and Save on Bulk Purchases:

Buying bulk!!! You may think that you need to have a fat purse to buy saffron in bulk quantities, because as it is the most expensive spice in the world.  On the other side, when you order a Chef Pack you will realize that why a very few people buy saffron in bulk because it is a secret that they are not only saving money which is about 3000 rupees and also the regular use of saffron keeps you away from illnesses.

Benefits of buying saffron in bulk quantities:

We know as a rule that Saffron have to be used only during pregnancy.  Apart from that, saffron threads has numerous health benefits that we can include as small as a dose of 0.5 mg in our food, sweets or sprinkle it when you take your tea or coffee in whatever form you prefer.

If you want to enhance your beauty add a pinch of Kesari saffron to your face mask. Buying bulk saffron in 25 gm Chef Pack provides you a path for a healthy you and a healthy family, because it gives protection to kids against cold, flu, etc and also it improves vision in elderly people. So BUY and SAVE your money and rejuvenate your health.

Package Contains:

Kesari Saffron Threads 25 gms

  • 100% Natural
  • ISO 3632 Grade – 1

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