Kesari Shrikhand

Beat the heat with creamy Shrikhand(Indian Sweet Greek Yogurt Dessert)!


1 kg full cream thick curd.

4/5 tablespoons sugar (powdered preferably)

2 teaspoons cardamom powder.

1 huge pinch of KesariSaffron soaked in tbsp. warm milk for 10-15 minutes

A pinch of nutmeg powder.

For garnish:

Quarter cup crushed nuts.


Whisk curd completely and leave it to refrigerate for five to six hours. It will thicken to a great extent.

Lay a muslin cloth in a colander and tip the curd onto it. Place a bowl under the colander to gather the whey. Fold the cloth with the curd, and place some weight on it. Refrigerate for 10 to 12 hours to get thick cheddar like curd. Keep aside the whey and use it to knead the puri dough later.

Whisk the curd and sugar completely until smooth. Add the soaked saffron milk mixture, cardamom powder and the nutmeg powder. Blend completely and transfer into a serving dish.

Finally, garnish it with crushed nuts.

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